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New generation of treadmills

BH Fitness Dual 3rd generation treadmills with i.Concept technology

The i.Concept home treadmills of BH Fitness contains the newest developments of fitness technology! Don't miss them!

Welcome to the world of BH Fitness i.Concept, where health and entertainment become one. The i.Concept is the new Dual concept developed by BH Fitness: 100% interactive, 100% motivaing, 100% healthy. Thanks to the designing of BH Fitness i.Concept the treadmill technology of future is combined with
multimedia entertainment and healthy exercise. The i.Concept BH Fitness treadmills contains the world's best combination: entertainment and health.

In 2014, more than 70% of BH Fitness cardio machine series (treadmills, crosstrainers, stationary bikes and spinbikes) are already Dual models, which equipped with i.Concept Ready technology contrary to ordinary fitness machines.

What does the "DUAL" appellation mean?
The newest BH Fitness treadmills have a built-in i.Concept technology. Some treadmills have it as an accessory (F9 DUAL, F12 DUAL, F15 DUAL), for the other treadmills, it is a purchasable option (F1 DUAL, F2 DUAL, F2W DUAL, F3 DUAL, F4R DUAL). The Dual treadmills can easily upgraded to interactive version, if we want to use the newest technology during our exercise.

What we have to do?
We have to buy a DualKit USB module (some treadmills have it as an accessory), wherewith we can connect to i.Concept entertainment applications. All of the applications are FREE, and they are constantly developed. According to the needs of the market, more and more applications hit the market. So the user become capable to enjoy i.Concept's extensive (and growing) special trainings easily and fast.

What is the Dual Kit?

The Dual Kit is an 70 x 43 x 13 mm sized Bluetooth module accessory with USB plug. You can easily connect it to the USB port of your BH Fitness home treadmill.

While running you can enjoy the whole palette of Apple or Android applications: you can chat, surf on the Internet, check e-mails, read e-books, buy at online shops, download new applications, watch video/TV/movies, etc. on your properly configured trainging program.

Become the part of the world of BH Fitness i.Concept with 4 easy steps:
- Plug the treadmill to the electrical grid
- Plug the Dual Kit into the fitness machine
- Place your iPhone® or iPad® or Android device to the practical holder which is located on the console
- Choose the training program, or the motivational application and start the fitness machine
- Enjoy all of the applications of iPhone, iPad or Android (WiFi Internet connection is needed for virtual training)

Applications for treadmills:

Run on the earth:
Google Play:

Google Play:

Bh by Kinomap:
Google play:

Tread Monitor:

Burn The Meal:

The applications, which only released for Apple devices, will be available soon for Android devices too.

i.Concept treadmills

  • F1 Dual treadmill
  • F2 Dual treadmill
  • F2W Dual treadmill
  • F3 Dual treadmill
  • F4 Dual treadmill
  • F9R Dual treadmill
  • F12 Dual treadmill


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