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The Shop Of Hungary 2013 - Sport and Fitness category - 1st place

The Shop Of Hungary 2013 - Sport and Fitness category - 1st place
Hungary's biggest independent price comparison website ( made a competition, where the main prize was the 'The Shop Of Hungary' title.

Our company, the Sport8 took the 1st place in 'Sport and Fitness' category in 2013 on the basis of the customers' opinion. With this, we won the QUALITY AWARD of 'The Shop of Hungary 2013'!

Thank you all very much!

About the competition
The competition aims to find the best quality as well as the most popular webshops by the votes of internet users and the real consumers' ratings after the shopping. The competition is open and free for the shops.

About the rules of competition:
Competition is allowed for business organizations, which incorporated in Hungary, has online trading (too) and registered into this competition.

Competition for Quality Award:
The votes have given by real consumers only, who found the shop on and they evaluated the shop's service, ordering process and delivery after their online order.
The judged the awards based on the aggregation of these questionnaires per category.
They gave 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category for the three highest rated shops.

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